Beginner's question: Parameters for registering end device for Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95 LoRa Radio

I’m trying to develop my first application.

I’m using an Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95 LoRa Radio

Since this end device does not appear in the List of the Device Repository, I need to manually enter the Registration Parameters.
I only know that the the transmission frequency will be EU 868 MHz.
However, I’m additionally asked to specify:
LoRaWAN Version
Regional Parameters Version
All these parameters should be available from the manufacturer, however I was not able to find them in the documentation/datasheets of Adafruit.
In addition, I’m a little bit confused by the fact that for the last three I also could let them be generated by the web interface of the registration precess. Shall I generate (or fill with zero) them?

any help will be gratly appreciated.


That is because the hardware by itself is does not provide LoRaWAN connectivity. You need software and that software determines part of the information asked.

For the last three, they need to be unique so all zeros for all of them won’t work. Use the generate feature and copy those values to the software you will be using. (Check the byte order when copying!!)

OK, thank you.
I took this decision following Beginner: Raspberry PI SX162 SX1302 Gateway - #6 by descartes

Does this then mean that I have to look for what I am missing in the GitHub LMIC Node library? (will this library provide them?)

The documentation that comes with LMIC-node is the very best documentation in LoRaWorld, probably even ComputerLand.

Every single line was hand-crafted and considered. Read it, it really does have everything to implement a device.

But read this first, you will learn all the key concepts that you have to know if you are to even begin to understand implementing a device, like what a DevEUI & all the other things you asked about, the LoRaWAN core knowledge:

You can generate a DevEUI on the console. Most of the DIY libraries don’t cope with the all zeros for the AppEUI, you can generate one from here:

There is a link on that page to the forum discussion, but I’d take it on trust for now!