Best position for a gateway

As the uplink and Downlink are IQ inverted, will the packets collide which are at same SF and same centre frequency.

thank you for your clarifications.

It is clear that Gateway will not be affected by end node and GSM. But i would like to understand the affect of gateways when they are nearby 2m.

Why is it recommended in this thread to place the gateway indoors with a long antenna cable connecting it to an outdoor antenna, rather than the gateway in a waterproof enclosure on the roof directly attached to an antenna? Is the latter approach also reasonable? Will TheThingsNetwork gateways have PoE capacity?

It’s recommended to place the antenna outdoors if you want wide area coverage outside. Placing the gateway indoors and connecting the outdoor antenna through a cable is just something people do, but placing the gateway outside works just as well. This is my preferred method because it saves you from having to buy expensive coax cable (or bad cheap cable).

You do have to keep some things in mind though, like temperature variations (freezing, overheating in the sun), water ingress and moisture. But in general, just putting it in a white IP-x6 enclosure with some cable glands on the bottom side for antenna, power and network works just fine. I have such enclosures containing WRT-54GL routers on top of some roofs for more than six years now, and they still work fine.