Big diy SENSOR topic


sensors of the near future


Topic 16 - Air Quality with the MQ-Series of gas detectors

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in Holland oa hier en hier verkrijgbaar

eBreathalyzer use case

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also available from TinyTronics. I just picked up some stuff in EIndhoven today: “Yes - LoRa is becoming a big hit - I am also looking at some LoRa modules to sell.” :slight_smile:

I previously bought a lot of stuff directly from China, but after having some problems with faulty stuff, I now buy most of my stuff from this shop.

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[ xx - Lightning Sensor ]

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[1 - temperature]

I really love this thread! We put it on our Twitter:

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[6 - motion detection DOPPLER]

‘china’ doppler modules - very sensitive, detect movement through walls and doors !

this type is good

[16 - air quality]

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[42 - temperature switch (thermostat)]

[10 - Current]

Project page:

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[42 - hall effect sensor]

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[ 28 - wind speed / direction]

[10 - current]

[17 - CO2 level]

In commercial aquaponics/ aquaculture

Ph/ Temp as above


Water level monitoring

Conductivity (& probe)

Dissolved Oxygen


You wouldn’t bother for a small system, but commercial scale it starts to make sense.

This is a board i’ll be playing with in a couple of weeks. I’ll be on Wifi, but Lora might be possible?

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In ‘smart’ beehives

Temp as above

Plus humidity.

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[43 - conductivity]