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This would prove once and for all who it is in my house that uses all the paper!!! :smiley: - now if only it could replace the roll...

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I am thinking of the SHT10 sensor but is 50€ a good price for that waterproof or better weather proof sensor?

Meaning the sensor chip it self is about 6€ to 15€ and the housing is about 20€ I have seen.

But the housing (sinter stainless steel) is not very easy to get from germany.

I want to start with a sensor that could be placed into the outside (raindrops should be not harm this sensor).

All the breakout modules are more likely only for experimenting and inhouse installations.


Lothar Behrens


complete :

or this one with another chip :

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Thank you. As I saw your first link I simply ordered that and some other stuff like a buck boost circuit for my solar issue and some other senors about a vew dollars.

That price was a no brainer.

The BARGAIN basement part 2

DIY complete humidity & temp sensor SHT10

Temperature measurement accuracy 0,5°C
Humidity measuring accuracy ±4.5%
Temperature measuring range -40...125°C

sleeve - US $2.52

aviation connector - US $1.20

sht10 - US $3.40

pcb - US $1.34 & shipping US $1.18


Tip from Nordrunner ' is this maybe interesting for converting to LoRaWAN ?

Raspberry Pi Geiger-Müller Interface


Again an idea from Nordrunner, a LoRaWAN lightning detector ?

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The possibilities are limitless :wink:

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Gateway antenna auto-disconnect? :wink:


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The SparkFun OpenPIR is a highly customizable Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor based around the NCS36000 PIR controller.


Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging module - micro lidar


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Since a few days, Watterott electronic has started to sell breakout boards for the BME680. You can buy it in the online shop at
I got it working using the I2C interface, but IMO there is currently some lack on documentation and good examples. One point unclear to me is how to calculate the “air quality” from the raw measurements.


nice, and indeed ’ how to interpret Gas_Resistance(Ohms)