Cannot Update TTKG from 1.0.5 to 1.0.8


I recently purchased two Kickstarter Gateways and I cannot connect them to the V3 network / Things Stack. Viewing the documentation, I see that the gateways need to be firmware version v1.0.8, however, the ones I received are v1.0.5.

I saw earlier posts on this issue that suggested connecting to the legacy v2 network and upgrading and then connecting to v3. However, when I visit the v2 console it is in read-only mode and I cannot connect a Gateway. So it appears I am stuck and have just purchased two very expensive bricks. How can I connect these devices to the network If I cannot upgrade them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Check this message on using the sdcard route to update the firmware. Or if you have a microchip programmer like pickit2 or equivalent you ca; use it to program the unit.

Thanks for the reply. Is this the only way left to upgrade these devices? It’s unfortunate that I just purchased a brand new device, with supposedly easy activation, only to find out I need to flash firmware manually. I will have to pick up some SD cards as from what I understand in that thread, they must remain in the device.

Do you happen to have documentation on using a pickit2 for flashing?

Documentation for programming with pickit is at

Thank you. Ordered a Pickit3 and hoping all goes well flashing the hex files found on github.