Capture and analyze LoRa packets

(Osbex) #21

Maybe a stupid question, but will this also mean you can use dumpcap and then use tshark to extract stuff from the packets?

(Erikde Jong) #22

I have written a spec to encapsulate LoRa packets (, I have some PoC hardware with a sx1272 that captures the raw data to pcap which can then be analyzed in Wireshark. Lack of time kept me from releasing…

(Erikde Jong) #23

Yes, any part of Wireshark using the dissector can do so. But the dissector has to be set up to be ‘compatible’ with ethernet link layer captures before can recognize LoRaWAN packets on ethernet.

(Arjan) #24

Just in case parsing some hexadecimal or Base64 string from some log is easier, the following Node.js/JavaScript library can decipher the non-encrypted parts: