Change Delay from 5 seconds to 1 seconds


Currently, I have end devices registered in my application. However, I can only receive packets every 5 seconds. I have read multiple posts in the forum that you can change this to 1 second but those posts said that you can change it on the JSON file when importing the device. What if I don’t have a device to import? I just want to change the delay of my existing end device.

Thank you

What do you want to measure every second?

On TTN toy are only allowed 30 sec airtime total for uplinks a day and 10 downlinks. You also need to consider the legal limit you are allowed.

Please refer to - The FUP can be found here: TTN Fair Use Policy


It is not clear what you mean. Please be more specific.

From the title It appears that tyou are referring to the Rx window timing which you want to change from 5 seconds to 1 second. Why? Because you migrated one or more existing devices from V2 to V3?

In your post you say “receiving messages every 5 or 1 seconds”. I assume that you only mean the timing of the Rx window here, but not receiving downlink messages every 5 or 1 seconds (which is not possible and forbidden due to regulations and FUP). Is that correct?

Timing of the Rx window can be adjusted per device with the commandline tool (search the forum or TTS documentation for more information).

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Thanks for you clearing things up. I got confused with the RX window!

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