Collos/Lora Cloud Geolocation help

Hey, I’m building an application which requires location tracking and originally was looking into Collos but still cant sign up in the process i found out or its new? that Lora cloud does Geolocation. Looking into this seems a bit confusing and don’t really know where to begin, or what to do to implement this

Any help appreciated!1

Hi, I am currently trying since hours to find a solution, any new Ideas? it seems to me, that I can use the Lora-clous Keys in the collos Integration but cant get it working.

I didnt eventually, i just used cayenne. Still hopefully someone can enlighten us.

Thanks for this Idea i will try it. Is it possible to use cayenne for geolocation via tdoa or is cayenne using GPS coordinates? I am looking for something without gps. But Cayenn looks good!
Maybe nobody is using Lora geolocation… I guess there are to little of TTN Gateways to make it working this Times and so nobody is using that.

helloha, is there anybody who has made semtech cloud geolocation working with TTN or should i just give up? i cant get it.

We have been trying doing the same thing with LoRa Cloud, but the integration with Collos implemented in TTN is not working with LoRa Cloud now. The API is changed in LoRa Cloud and the new server needs the timestamps decrypted.
We have changed to Chirpstack Network Server, and it’s working fine.
Now we need to send the location estimation to Cayenne, but it’s not very clear how to do this…