Confusion with wlan and eth0 mac addresses

Dear TTN-Fellows,

I have changed the network settings of my RPI 3B+ to be able to connect over the ethernet cable to the internet. After that, I had to change the gateway-id on ttn to see the gateway coming online again. It now uses the wlan address and not the ethernet address anymore (please see attached images for the output of ifconfig and the gateway ID on TTN).

I am just wondering why the gateway ID on the same hardware has changed.
Thank you!

Probably because you have some script that derives it from the MAC address.

If you are going to switch network interfaces, you probably want to replace that with a hard coded number. There’s no real connection between the MAC address and the gateway ID, just both need to be unique so there’s a handy rule for generating a gateway ID from a MAC address. But it doesn’t matter if you generate it from the MAC address currently in use, or from one reserved for your device but not currently in use.


Thank you cslorabox, as always you are very helpful! I’ve contacted the rak support. The install script first searches for the eth0 mac address and if it doesn’t find anything, it will take the one of wlan0.

Anyways, I’ve again learnt something.