Connecting NETVOX sensors

hi all,

i just got a multitech Conduit AEP, i have successfully set it up on the Meshed TNN in Australia. I also, bought some netvox sensors, for the life of me, i cant get them to talk or forward stats to my gateway.

On the TNN it says it has seen it, but it just would not upload packets to my gateway.

can some one assist me. thanks

sensors don’t connect to your gateway but to the network.
what type of netvox sensors do you have - R711 ?

i have:


it says its last seen 2 days ago when i got them, but you can see its not sending no packets.
i cant connect any of them, i suspect they cant talk to the TNN network, i have entered all the right APPkey, APPeui and DEVeui.

I have read the manual from Netvox and it reads pretty straight forward, “press the function key and it will join the Lora network”.

  • is your gateway working correct, do you see other traffic in your console
  • which NETVOX sensor type are you talking now ? can you show some data from your console of that sensor transmitting (as seen in your console gateway traffic page) and device data page

seems to me that it’s connected to TTN , but doesn’t show data in application

i got another sensor by risingHF (temp & humidity sensor), this has traffic in the data section:
netvox, i have temp & humidity and door sensor, both which i joined to the TNN from the looks of things.
this is my traffic from my gateway traffic page, its all coming from the rising HF
for my netvox, i dont have any traffic, see below:

how do you tell the gateway is working correctly? are there error logs in can login to multitech conduit to see?

you showed that console data, So your gateway seems to work :wink:
but… fom what I see is that your risingHF sensor is violating TTN’s fair use policy by transmitting 22 bytes every 8 seconds @ SF9


so gateway is working ( i will figure out how to reduce the uplink frequency)

but how do i get the netvox working and talk to the gateway? any ways i can do a test or get error logs?

@jistar the R711 that I was experimenting with uses AS923 and it appears your gateway is setup to use AU915 by the look of the frequencies above

That may be a first place to look


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