Customized Frequency for Single Channel Packet Forwarder

Hi there,

im currently writing my Bachelor Thesis with the Topic Lora and i have a Question.

For my research ive bought a Dragino Single Channel Gateway 686.1. Additionally i have all sorts of Arduino boards (ESP 32 Lora Heltec, Unos, TheThingsUno) + a lot of Sensors and stuff.

I recently bought the TheThingsUno due to its nice and clear Library (TheThingsNetwork).

So i powered it up and saw, that it cicles all the frequencies (EU) but my Gateway only gets the messages on 868.1 Mhz.

So i looked into the library and found the Function to Configure the 868 FP.

Can i change it that the node will only send on 868.1 Mhz? I know that this is not in any means compliant to the restrictions but for my Thesis this would be easier to Monitor.

Is there any way?

void TheThingsNetwork::configureEU868()
sendMacSet(MAC_RX2, “3 869525000”);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_DRRANGE, 1, “0 6”);

char buf[10];
uint32_t freq = 867100000;
uint8_t ch;
for (ch = 0; ch < 8; ch++)
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_DCYCLE, ch, “799”);
if (ch > 2)
sprintf(buf, “%lu”, freq);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_FREQ, ch, buf);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_DRRANGE, ch, “0 5”);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_STATUS, ch, “on”);
freq = freq + 200000;

Single Channel Packet Forwarders are not supported on the forum. Sorry.

See: Single Channel Packet Forwarders are deprecated and NOT Supported [guidelines]