DIYmall LoRa32u4 II

(Liderbug) #24

Ah, 2.1 or 2:1 who’s on first? and the apt-get maintainers who threw in in reverse WT…?

(Liderbug) #25

OK, here’s where I’m at:
Via Dragino I downloaded rpi-lora-tranceiver-master. I first walked the Get GPS to work and I’m at $GPGLL,3902.1942,N,10440.1108,W,183646.000,A,A*4A

Then I went down the LoRa path - changed 8681000 to 9150000 and ran dragino_lora_app rec and it ran for a while and I received 2 packets (of trash?). I tried running LoRaSender on my DIYmall LoRa32u4 board. My dragino didn’t receive any data - question later. they I switch from “rec” to “snd” and LoRaReceiver - no joy.

Ques: #1 the code shows 868.1 which I changed to 915. Now is it 915 or 915.100 or 915.1824??

#2 How can I get Serial.print to work?



you have been given advise here and here

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