Does TTN support LoRaWan 1.1 DeviceTimeReq?

It is really hard to find the answer to a simple question. It looks like LoRaWan 1.1 DeviceTimeReq is supported for the paid service (things industries), but it is not available for TTN, is this true?

Where did you find the current TTN deployment supports LoRaWAN 1.1? The V3 announcement mentions that will support 1.1

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Any update about time sync of end nodes ?
Is there any way to do it without DeviceTimeReq, until V3 will be finally released?

LoRaWAN 1.1 will be supported with V3 network server which is in the works. I hope it supports DeviceTimeReq and I think it will.
I think there are 2 other methods that you can use but I haven’t used them myself and I don’t know if TTN/TTI supports it. It’s called:

Application layer clock synchronization over LoRaWAN
Recommended Practice Document

But is says this:
An end-device using LoRaWAN 1.1 or above SHOULD use DeviceTimeReq MAC command instead of this package.

So that’s why I’m waiting for DeviceTimeReq instead of implementing this other method.

Implement it as part of the application layer. Have your node send a special packet to your application and have that answer with the current time. A downlink packet should be at the node in either 1 (RX1) or 2 (RX2) seconds, add logic (at the node) to determine if it was received in RX1 or RX2 and you have a pretty accurate sync.

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so it’s implemented yet? i think you have to use a special mac command to get the time sync to work. ttn really behind the ball these days

Is s DeviceTimeReq supported on TTN network now?
I’m getting RX2 timeouts

No it is not.

I’m making a Class A device.
It periodically uplinks some data. I can see it on TTN console.
Then for one time I send DeviceTimeReq and recive an Rx2 timeout.
Then I continue to send periodical data, but the data doesn’t appear on TTN console.
Does DeviceTimeReq breaks something on TTN or on my Gateway?

Yes, it should not be used on TTN; see Missing messages between gateway and application - #9 by cslorabox.

Thank you very much. I’ve spent a whole day messing with DeviceTimeReq