Easy way to plot sensor data to online graph

Hi everybody,
With a lot of googling and using this webiste I managed to build a node which measures a waterlevel based on two pressure sensors. The node sends data and at the moment I use the storage option of the things network. However I would like to plot my data online in a graph. I know that there are many options to do this, but I didn’t find an option with a tutorial (on my level) I can easily use. Do you have recommendations for me? I hope you guys can help me!
kind regards!

Hi friend,
Try taking a look at losant.io. It has a very user friendly interface, everything browser based. What you will need is to make a workflow, make an instance of custom webhook that will receive your data (http integration from TTN will do the delivering of data, just don’t forget to ‘decipher’ your data in encoder in your app on ttn). Once you have your webhook, use it as a ‘function trigger’, and write a little of JavaScript to extract what you need from http payload. Create a device on losant, give its attributes same names to what your actual sensor reads (eg tempC,hum,light,motion) and pass the incoming values to it. Once that is working and your data is stored, making a dashboard will take a minute and it’s self explanatory once you try.
They do offer a trial account, which is limited by number of operations you can run monthly, but you won’t hit limit any time soon. :smiley:

did you see this topic Visualize (and push) your IOT data

Hi BorroZ, Ik did see the topic and it’s very impressive but I can’t try them all. I was hoping to get some advise on which of the many options is the easiest. I’m a real noob when it comes to coding.

Thanks for your reply, I’m gonna give this a try! However I don’t yet know how to write javascript.

maybe the easiest way is to use Cayenne then… but you don’t have much control over your final graph but you don’t have to program anything.
you can try out here… just click the right top corner of every widget for the graph… day hour week and month

Thanks a lot, it looks like everything I need. However I still can’t seem to get it to work. I asked for help in this post:

If you wants to plot a sensor data , its good for Oxyplot Chart its free
support Windows and WPF applications