Elsys ERS Sensors - Opinions?

Hi all,

I’m looking at some Elsys ERS sensors and was wondering if anyone has had any experience in using them with TTN and how they had them set up. Right now I’m wondering about things like:

  • How reliable the data sending is
  • How large the uplink packet size is
  • How often you can send data without hitting TTN’s Fair Access limits

The decoder script on Elsys’ website is great, but does anyone have any encoder scripts for changing the settings? Would be grateful if I could take a look :wink:

I saw some Elsys sensors on TTNmapper and was wondering why they all seem to use only 3 channels. Looks not LoRaWAN standard compliant?

According to their website, every ERS sensor is certified… Maybe it’s possible to configure them otherwise?

Hi All,
we use a lot of Elsys ERS Sensors in our setup. They do really a good job. OTAA, ADR, 8 channels, very good battery life time. Payload Decoder works fine with TTN. We have ERS sensors running now for over one year


Hi Martin,

Great to hear that they’re working successfully! I’ve got a few in my office for testing at the moment, and despite a few configuration quirks, they’re working well.

Can I ask: what sort of applications are you using them for? We’re planning on using them for meeting rooms and desk spaces, I’m just wondering how well they apply to your use case.

Hi Eelviny, thats is exactly the use case where we use the ERS. Meeting rooms and think-tanks.

You will find us on twitter:

For desk space we use a different LoRa node.


I’ve got a few other questions, if you don’t mind.

Do you order them directly from Elsys or through a reseller? How long do you usually wait for a shipment?

I’m trying to figure out why I’m experiencing some packet loss with my sensors. What data rate do you use?