Extracting Data from TTN to my Server


Yes, the idea is that if you would want to use the node while it is not within reach of your Gateway, but it can reach mine (or anyone others) Gateway, it can still send its data. And you (and only you) would still be able to retrieve it.
It might not be an issue for you if your nodes don’t move, are always in the same place, but the idea is to build a distributed network eventually covering the whole planet (or at least large parts of it), with not just one person / party / company being responsible for the gateways. So if you need coverage somewhere, you simply can decide to put a gateway there (without having to ask TTN to put it there) and while doing that not only helping yourself but anyone else in that area.


Right now, I have CRC_FAIL 100% errors on the Lora gateway.

(Coastalplain) #45

Here is the updated link for inspecting HTTP requests:

(Danny Engelman) #46

Note that Requestbin has been taken offline due to abuse: https://github.com/Runscope/requestbin

https://requestbin.fullcontact.com is hosted on the Dating-Site https://www.fullcontact.com/

Alternative to RequestBin is Request Baskets: https://rbaskets.in/web

In all cases your TTN data goes to a 3rd party

Both Bin and Baskets are on GitHub, so you can install it on your own server


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