Fixed Frequenzy for End Node

Hi there,

im currently writing my Bachelor Thesis with the Topic Lora and i have a Question.

I have all sorts of Arduino boards (ESP 32 Lora Heltec, Unos, TheThingsUno) + a lot of Sensors and stuff.

I recently bought the TheThingsUno due to its nice and clear Library (TheThingsNetwork).

So i powered it up and saw, that it cicles all the frequencies for the EU Band.

So i looked into the library and found the Function to Configure the 868 FP.

For my PoC i want to fix the frequency to a specific Frequency so that the node does not cicle thru all but sticks to one.

Is there a way how i can modify the code below to achieve that?

And just another most likely stupid Question. Can i Manuelly tell the node wich spreading Factor (SF) to use?

In the Library it says, that the default is 7 and in all Doc´s it says that Lora will automatically choose the SF due to the Conditions (Enviromental etc)

Thanks in Advance.

void TheThingsNetwork::configureEU868()
sendMacSet(MAC_RX2, “3 869525000”);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_DRRANGE, 1, “0 6”);

char buf[10];
uint32_t freq = 867100000;
uint8_t ch;
for (ch = 0; ch < 8; ch++)
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_DCYCLE, ch, “799”);
if (ch > 2)
sprintf(buf, “%lu”, freq);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_FREQ, ch, buf);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_DRRANGE, ch, “0 5”);
sendChSet(MAC_CHANNEL_STATUS, ch, “on”);
freq = freq + 200000;

Why, out of interest ?

Given @bluejedi 's response and closure of your earlier SCPF question and response, I would recommend that if you dont want to delay your Bachelors project and want support, and to avoid need to hog one frequency for your node (as you can tell this is discouraged!), simply buy a low cost LoRaWAN compliant GW - e.g. TTIG, Dragino LPS8, equivalents from RAK Wireless, Tektelic etc. (Forum search & GIYF - look for pico-gateway or micro-gateway in context of LoRaWAN or TTN) Not much more expensive than your Dragino LG01 LoRa only SCPF…and a better introduction and basis for your project :slight_smile: A much better prospect for any related future career! :slight_smile:

Good Luck

Updated to add:

Whilst RS Components are on back order (23/3) for the TTIG-EU version when I checked yesterday they still had 6 UK versions in stock - it shoud be noted this is the EU version with an additional ‘shoe’ supporting the UK 3 pin mains adapter in the bag alongside the EU version :wink: From your ref to EU868 freq rotation I assume this would be ok for you?!

Also Al & the team at Connected Things have stock of both I believe UK/EU is there a shortage of gateway devices?

If your thesis is about LoRaWAN then this forum is the right place for asking question, but single channel packet forwarders (SCPF) are not supported on the forum and we condemn their use.
SCPF is not LoRaWAN compliant and hence is not LoRaWAN.

From that perspective it will be a plus for your thesis to state that SCPF’s should not be used accompanied with a substantive justification why.
But if you use deprecated methods like SCPF that are not LoRaWAN compliant, deprecated and condemned, that will not look good on your thesis.

I’m not sure why you choose to use a SCPF for your thesis in the first place. Some research in advance would have made clear that SCPF is not LoRaWAN compliant and deprecated.
As @Jeff-UK already said, if you value your thesis it will be wise to get a real LoRaWAN gateway.

If your thesis is about LoRa but not LoRaWAN then this forum is not the right place for asking questions.

Yep. I think that will be the best option i guess. I was not aware, that there a so much Compliance Regulations.

I just created an account on The Lora Alliance Website but i dont have access yet.

Do you know any Source where all Compliance Rules are listed for Lora? I have just started on Analayzing Lora and LoRaWAN. A simple google for Lora Compliance did not work.

UPDATE as im writing this Post:

I just saw your response. Thank you! I think thats my first finding and i will definetly adress the SCPF Thing in my Thesis! As well as all Compliance Regulations.

If anybody has a Document with the Regulations that would be a big help! On that i can work my way thru.


Im sorry. I did not know that! I will do my best to avoid rulebreakings in the future!

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Some useful links:

The LoRaWAN v1.0.3 specification is the actual one.
(If I understood correctly v1.1 still contains inconsistencies.)

There is a differance between strict legal requirements and compliance with the LoRaWAN standard.

LoRa itself is a radio protocol like many others, so the legal requirements for its use are found within the radio regulations for a particular country.

In the case of the LoRaWAN standard do remember that TTN is provided to use for free and supported by this forum for free. It is entirely reasonable that those that are actullay paying for TTN expect that users of the service are complaint with LoRaWAN requirements.