Full Arduino Mini LoraWAN below 1uA Sleep Mode

(Amedee) #242

The Adafruit breakboard for the TPL5110 has a trimpot. I find quite difficult to adjust it to get the required delay, at the end soldering a resistor is easier - at least more predictable…

The way the TPL5510 is used in this design is just to wake-up the AVR from deep sleep like you would do with an RTC; it does not cut the power. When in deep sleep the ATmega328P retains its state, so it is not a problem to loop on the sleep…

(Wijnand) #243

My iot_sandwiches: Left the fat_sandwich with the GY-GPS6MV2 module and powered with 2xAAA. Right the thin_sandwich with the BME280 and DS18B20, powered with a CR2032.


Both are using the TPS61291, TPL5111 and/or TPS22860 combination, Let’s consuming the whole system only 35nA (yes, nanoAmps, in sleep/dead mode).

A second version (same formfactor) with the BQ25570 harvester (for all kind of energy harvesting) is in the design fase.

See: ALF4all and IoT Usergroup DE.