Gateway IMST IC880A / RBPI

Yes, you need to place the orders per email. Write to Matthias.Schneider at, he will send you a quotation that you need to print, sign, scan and send back. Payment can be done over Paypal.

They’ve been super nice to us, highly recommended!

I’m considering this one too. See

Priced at EUR 189, but currently out of stock. Expected back week 49 (first week of December, about 3 weeks).

Their documentation and software support seems really good!

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Notice that they will have two versions: USB and SPI. I believe SPI is preferred because the gateway reference implementation from Semtech has removed USB support on v3.2.

Correct – they mention this here: (scroll down to the software driver section).

If you click on the Downloads tab in that same link you’ll see a reference to a quick start guide that I found very promising. It says “confidential” in the document, but I think you can ignore that. :wink:

Here’s a picture of the board with a Raspberry and some other info:


We just published some scripts to automate the installation of the IMST board (both USB and SPI versions) + RPi in case anyone needs it:

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Well, hello everybody, my first post.:cold_sweat:
This guide is just to late for me.
My gateway is up :sweat_smile: (AA555A0000001111).
IMST IC880A - RPI2 - native SPI.
I had to change loragw_spi.native.c just the same as @bitmorse in post#13 of thread “Receiving packets with an IMST IC880a not working?” (found that post to late too)
Is anyone else using a RPI with native SPI without this change?
same question, other words: is anyone using loragw_spi.native.c in its current state?

Same here, we also had to change loragw_spi.native.c and sent a PR to add proper support on the TTN fork:

Hi there,

We’ve put together a detailed step-by-step page on how to build a gateway based on the IMST iC880a SPI with uses the installer scripts we created a while ago:

Check it out:

Feedback is more than welcome!



Hi, I have looked and implemented the step by step process …but how do I confirm that my gateway is working without having a node. I need someone to confirm those steps do work. I have generated the EUI what next after that, how does The Thing Network platform come into play.


Without a node is hard, but you can check if the status messages of the gateway appear in the REST API.

Hi all
I just received my iC880A-SPI board on Friday and connected to a Raspberry PI. Installed the Gateway
software like this (Thanks to gonzalocasas, good work). Unfortunately when starting the gateway software “sudo ./” I get this error:

ERROR:Version of calibration firmware not expected, actual:226 expected:2
ERROR:[main] failed to start the concentrator

The SPI connection seems ok. I compiled the library with debug and get lots of “SPI write success”.
Any ideas? The ic880 board is very new “Date 03/16” maybe the changed firmware?


@wernern I’ve seen this behaviour when the board is not given sufficient current. I’d check the power supply and connecting wires. Also make sure that the board is being reset before starting the packet forwarder.

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@wernern did you manage to resolve the issue?

This seems similair

@gonzalocasas and @9600. Not yet resolved, I gave up on Sunday :confounded:. I will try with a new Setup. Better cabling and a stronger Power Supply has been ordered. Thanks for the help.

@9600 you were right. With a new Powersupply my Gateway is up and running. @gonzalocasas a new gateway in switzerland. Thanks for the help.


@wernern Great!! Where in Switzerland are you?


@gonzalocasas Spiez (Berner Oberland) my gateway should cover a big part of the Thunersee (I will try to put a TTN Node on my sailingboat to monitor).

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Just a quick note - I have just released the passive PoE enabled ic880a to RPI connection board here:

This means its really simple and almost cable free to connect the ic880a to the RPI

If you are a TTN network member in any capacity please use the ‘ttnrulez’ for voucher you get 10% off the order.

is that (high) prize for 1 assembled and tested board?