Gateway lost connection to ttn


my local gateway (mikrotik WAP with lora8) lost its connection to ttn 6 hours ago.
It is still connected to my own chirpstack server and transmit fine.

my other gateways are all up and running

How can a gateway be connected to two networks? Also, if the packets are still delivered then you know this is a known issue. So, are packets still being delivered? If not then please report on Slack instead; see The Things Network Status Page [HowTo].

the gateway forwards received data to ttn and my chirpstack server.
i know the noc problem but my gateway does not show any received data on ttn only on my own server

Again, it’s a known issue that a gateway’s Traffic page might not show the received data, while still forwarding packets just fine, which is not going to be fixed in V2. When reporting on Slack, make sure to include details about the region and whatever else might be relevant.

no data in the application too.
will go to slack now

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changing the ttn server to the us one and it connects.
a problem with the european server?