Gateway not connected to the ttn_console

Hi All
I am new to lorawan and ttn server . I am facing an issue . I am using RHF0M301+ RPI as a gateway .

I configured that gateway as per following link

After doing all the steps as mentioned in above steps i am unable to connect my gateway with the ttn_console gateway . I am using the US 902-928.With this region with loriot server i successfully connected my gateway but on ttn server facing the issue.local_conf.txt (429 Bytes) local_conf.txt (429 Bytes)

I have attached the log file , global_conf.json ,local_conf.json and image of ttn_console .

Thanks in advance for the help .
us_global_json.txt (4.3 KB) gateway_console_ttn logfile.txt (4.9 KB)

I’m a new user since 6 months and the gateway connected to
ttn-router-us-west was working very well, but since 2 days a is is sporadict……
For now I’m off…

Hi Paul
Thanks for the response , do you mean to say its the ttn-router issue ? I have also changed it to AU but same issue . Have you seen my attached files ? Have you seen any thing wrong in the files .



Key is: does it work?

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Sorry I need to learn how to manage the forum.Yes its US router.The files when I received are okay I haven’t received
I’m on line now

Last hour, gateway not connected on console, but all the data is in the data base.!!!

Follow the link given above, this is a known issue.

Thanks to all ,

For the help , i will look into it and update the results soon .

Thank You !

Hi All

Thanks for the help , today i reinstalledconnected the OS and all the packages again .Now successfully connected . I have attached the image .


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