Grove Wio E5 configuration AT commands join fail to TTN

any ideas how to resolve the above errors? At this point, i’m thinking we’ll have to buy our own gateway or a new end device

I can register a new device with ‘Asia 920-923 MHz (used by TTN Australia)’ without any issue. May-be you need to delete your existing one and add it new with the right settings?

Thank you, recreating the application and reregistering the device worked. I could select 1.0.2 with the AS923 plan without any issue, and the device finally connected to TTN.

Thank you so much to every one here who helped!

If i may ask though, how do you check the configuration of a gateway and determine the plan it’s using? This would be very useful to know

If you have the gw id or eui there are several queries you can make against the TTN database, even looking back at old V2 systems where they may still be available.

In your case I quickly checked and at least one of the two GW’s you call out is runnng on Meshed - the TTN Partner infrastructure provider in AU, with Andrew Maj (one of the founders) as the nominated user id:

(Note here v2 references v2 of the api not V2 of TTN! (‘Off’ since Dec 21))

There are similar search structures that can be used on PacketBroker to similar ends. (As TTN traffic is routed theough PB to facilitate sharing and peering with TTN and any associated networks :slight_smile: ) Forum search may/will reveal some of the url’s/queries used by others over the years…

I see, thank you very much!