Has anyone experience with Sensing Labs devices?


Here is the package to decode Sensing-Labs devices in javascript library (Refer README for TTN integration):

  • SenabT
  • SenlabM
  • SenlabH


Next version will be available on Sensing-Labs support website


Thanks, lopic34!
I´ve tried it and it works fine with my SenlabH sensorns.

Is there a decoder for SenlabP on the way too?

Good to know! :smiley:

Not yet, but ask Sensing-Labs support with a ticket here
(need to be registered, if not, you can register here )


Now there is a decoder even for SenlabP that works fine on TTN3. Thanks! Javascript found here: https://support.sensing-labs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027722091-Changelog-and-release

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