Help with byte joggling - payload funtion

I am trying to create a payload function for decoding messages from the micro tracker from Abeeway. In the reference guide I can see that byte 6 to 8 in the paylod contains the latitude and it is calculated in the following way:

Latitude = Latitude << 8
If Latitude > 0x7FFFFFFF then Latitude = Latitude – 0x10000000
Latitude = Latitude / 10000000

So my question is - how do I combine byte 6 to 8 and do the calculation above in the TTN payload function.

Br Henrik

… solved it myself by reading this exellent post by Arjan:


Have you manage to decode abeeway Microtracker data?

It is a work in progress but has gotten quite far. Here is my decode function as of now: Abeeway decoder.txt (1.7 KB)

Thanks! :slight_smile: If I have any progress I’ll let you know.

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Hi @flodenh - Your function seems to work but the geolocation data, right? I’d be glad to share some time over Skype if you want to solve this out. Abeeway is not helping us out by sending a JS decoder… And it is quite tricky to get this working on JS.

Hi, Can anybody give me the downlink details to get the BLE scanned data only from Abeeway MicroTracker? or do I have to use the decoder?
I’m getting this value in MAC Payload: (033C00A809196032B13AA0F6DC003192010D70C4C01173E2722BC3889D9804F5E2C3) Does this value also contains BLE Beacon details?
I couldn’t find that in any of their document.


As I said in the other post search the forum, decoder is on there and read the manufactures documentation, their doc are extensive.

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