Heltec LoRA 32 V2, how to read out the keys

Hello @all,

I‘m a newbie in Lora matters but enthusiastic in learning new things.

i got some LoRa 32 from Heltec, the first programs runs already, but now i would like to setup to the things network. so far as i know i hve to readout the semtech keys from the heltec board, but how should i do this. any help would be wonderful.
thanks in advanced


The board does not have keys embedded.
The keys can be created in the TTN Console.

Search the forum for more information about the console.
Note that the V3 Console currently does not create DevEUI. For that you can use the V2 console as workaround (check the V2 to V3 Upgrade category for more info).
The Big ESP32 topic may also be useful to get you started with the board.
Just use the search option to search for the apropriate topics.

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If I’m right…
You were asking about the licence key for heltec esp32…!

You can get the unique in the following link…
By just providing the your chip/ board id…


No that is not what he asked for.

What you are referring to is a Heltec license key (not ‘Semtech keys’) that is only used for some proprietary Heltec library that is not needed and is used by only few people. It is not open source, is usable for Heltec ESP32 boards only and not usable for anything else.

Yeah you were right

hi bluejedi,

sorry for bother you again.
but i’ve spend a lot of hours and now i do not know how to carry on.

ive generated the APPEUI ,DEVEUI, and APPKEY filled in “ttn-otaa” sketch App and Dev (reverse)
changed the pinmapping in all possible versions.
but i did not get any results from the serial port.
also the ttn site tells me the sensor was never seen…

We don’t have crystal balls here on the forum… so if you need any further help you will have to provide as much details as possible about your situation (be exact), e.g. about your hardware, the exact name and version of your board, exact version of libraries used (add URL’s of their source), what IDE are you using? Have you selected the correct board, what pin mappings have you configured. Is there a gateway nearby, do you have your own gateway (LoRaWAN compliant 8 channel)?
Have you already tested your board with a basic sketch (not LoRaWAN) e.g. blink example. Are you able to output a simple string to the serial port? What do you see in the TTN console application/end device/gateway traffic? What is your region and do you have correctly configured this in the software? What TTN (Console) version are you using, TTN V2 or the new TTN V3, etc.
Double check the keys you have entered (byte order is important). Any typo will make it fail.

What have you already tried and what did exactly happen?

See How do I format my forum post? for tips about how to post code and text logs.