How to connect Adafruit Feather 32u4 LoRa to TTN?

Do you recommend the MCCI library?

Not really relevant to your hardware - you have a LoRaWAN module that does all the work that LMIC would do.

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Other way around. They’re trying to use software for the RN module, but their Adafruit board has a bare radio

Doh! :roll_eyes:

In that case, @arlx07, you should use MCC LMIC to be found on GitHub and as that’s flying without the safety net of LMIC-node, you need to go through the instructions line by line.

Or replace the device with an Adafruit Feather M0 RFM95 which is directly supported by both LMIC & LMIC-node.

@arlx07 It looks like you are wasting our time!

You were already advised to read the instructions in the Big LoRa32u4 boards topic.

Instead of following the instructions in that topic you tried to run other, unsuitable software for your board (for RNxxxx module which your module does not have).
Then you come back and ask for help because you don’t get that working, confusing other users with errors about RN module. And now you are asking if we recommend the ‘MCCI library’…

YES! and this was/is already documented at the start of the Big LoRa32u4 boards topic.

With the current TTS CE V3 (aka TTN V3) network you do not have (many) other options than using the MCCI LMIC library with your board.

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