How to retrieve metadata from Data Storage integration?

I do test the storage integration and have one question.

How to get all the meta data into the database.

As i see you can only have time and payload raw and if you have some fields then you can have them too.

How to get meta data ?

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You can’t.

The Storage integration only stores the data from the application payload, no metadata (except for a server timestamp). That’s also why you’ll see “This message was retreived from historical data, some information might be missing.” in TTN Console when that shows recent data that was received before you opened TTN Console.

To get the metadata (and as the Storage integration only stores the data for 7 days anyhow), use the MQTT Data API instead.

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Thanks …
I did fix my drupal module so it can fetch the few data fields from the data storage.

next thing is to make at mqtt integration to drupal ;o)