HTTP integration 4 hour delay

Just noticed there appears to be a roughly 4 hour lag somewhere in the http integration. I can see my packets arriving as expected in the console but the packets I’m receiving at my server via the http integration are from about 4 hours ago.
Anyone any idea what’s going on here?

many of the integrations are down. the outage started at about 6am CET.

Thanks for the confirmation, is there a network status page that has this kind of information updated live?

(I’m just a user, not from the TTN team…)

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Also check on TTN Slack Ops channel for issues/updates…

Do we have any updates? I didn’t receive any packet to my server application because I think Http integration is not working

Well, my http integration has been working fine for the last 24Hrs. No data was lost but a big chunk was delayed.

My device has not been working last 3 days. It had been working for 6 month fine, but I don’t know what is going on now… :frowning: