I am confused about the ADRACKReq bit on Figure 14

The following is a figure (figure 14) of LoRaWAN Specification V 1.1 which is made by LoRa Alliance :
According to the LoRaWAN Specification V 1.1, When the ADR_ACK_CNT >= ADR_ACK_LIMIT, the device will set the ADRACKReq bit. In Figure 14 , the ADR_ACK_LIMIT and ADR_ACK_DELAY constants are both equal to 32. So when the ADR_ACK_CNT >=32, the ADRACKReq bit should be set. But in Figure 14, even when the ADR_ACK_CNT = 63, the ADRACKReq bit is still not set. Why?

For me it’s look like an error in the sentence “assuming ADR_ACK_LIMIT and ADR_ACK_DELAY constants are both equal to 32.”

The table look like they assume that ADR_ACK_LIMIT = 64 and ADR_ACK_DELAY = 32, which are the recommended values for all the region in “LoRaWAN 1.1 Regional Parameters”


I think so, but the lorawan specification is a standard and there is nearly impossible a mistake. So I asked your guys to confirmed about that.

LoRaWAN Specification V 1.1 which is made by LoRa Alliance

like Grazy stated… it’s possible an typo/error… seems that it’s a big problem for you, So I suggest contacting the Alliance ?

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Thank you! I have contacted the LoRa Alliance, but at so far they haven’t reply me.

yeah sure … :upside_down_face:

I am sorry, is there anything I should not do ? I don’t want to cause any trouble for others. Or What should I do is better?

did you solve this question / mistery, I’m sure you got an answer from the Alliance by now, please share this with the community.

@BoRRoZ You are overly optimistic. I tried to contact them in the past regarding an issue with their documentation and haven’t heard anything.

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No,The LoRa Alliance have not answered me so far. I guess they forget about it or they may not want to answer this question. If the alliance reply me , I will share with the community as soon as possible


It seems that the alliance only answer their member’s question, if you are not a member or not a employee of its member’s company, they will not care about you! Because when the first time I send them a email, they just ask me which company I belong to, when I told them, they don’t contact me any more!:sweat_smile: