iC880A and Linklabs in-between-shield plus funky features

Hi there,

I designed this shield to help wiring between Raspberry PI and ISMT iC880A LoraWan concentrator Gateway (SPI version) and to be able to put the whole thing into a outdoor enclosure such as this one.

But while I was working on this, ideas were coming and I decided to add some funky stuff such like:

  • Of course footprint for iC880a ISMT LoraWan concentrator
  • Can be also used between LinkLabs board and Raspi Also
  • I2C and Grove connectors to be able to add internal/external sensors
  • Footprint for DC/DC step down if you want to do some simple POE splitter to power the whole thing
  • Footprint for a simple Lora module such as RFM95 that can be used a Single Channel Gateway or also act as a Lora Node
  • Power with DC Barrel connector and/or terminal block
  • Four visual GPIO Led
  • Footprint for DHT1x Temperature/Humidity sensors
  • Easy to build, 0805 or PTH components
  • Holes to fix board on enclosure or other support

Looks like this

Description and build files are on the dedicated github repo.

Board are not tested, I’ve ordered a bunch of some so if you want a PCB (and other components going around) just drop me a PM, I can send you them as soon as I got the boards.

Of course you can also order the PCB of this board at PCBs.io, Don’t worry they still have a bug with top/bottom thumbnails view but final boards are okay)


Board, mounted; tested and operational for (indoor now) forwarding. Got an I2C Temp/Hum sensor also.


Got some PCB and connectors if someone interested


Looks perfect. I make simple adapter to Rpi w/o pcb - only wires and header.

Thanks, oh what a smart solution, wire on RPI connector, excellent idea :wink:

Just to let you that I’ve pushed the poly packed forwarder that can now drive the on board LED
You can see the readme here

Cool job! Cant wait to test it with the board.
Havent been in the job for two weeks; but wil test it next week :slight_smile:

New promotional Price for IC880A Lora Concentrator

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great work with the shield, I would be interested in getting one of those for my gateway in Vienna/Austria.


I have one V1.0 assembled and working, was my 1st gateway :wink:
if you’re interested send me a private email

Hi Charles, Do you have any of the bare boards still available? I am in Redmond WA in the USA looking to add the first gateway in this area.

Regards, Andrew

The IC880A is for the 868Mhz band (EU), there’s no US version of that available yet

Hi there,
Just to let you know that I tested the 1.2 boards, with FTDI connector for console, no more HDMI cable and keyboard needed in case of network configuration problem (but still need 3V3 FTDI like cable), a must. I also added a power off switch, all is working fine.

github repo has been updated, got some spare V1.1 boards with SMD components assembled and all other if you need to build a kit. just PM me if you’re interested.



Hi I have couple of these boards too and I am very happy with the FTDI connector!
When I ordered boards I unexpectedly got the versions with the FTDI connector :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry for spamming the thread, but I cannot for the life of me find the link to PM somebody… :frowning:

Do you still have the spare boards?

yes got some V1.0 assembled and some PCB of V1.1
I’ll sent you a PM (click on user icon, then Message)

Just some revival, found some spare of this shield in my boxes, put them on tindie if some are interested.