Integrating multiple TTN applications in AWS

I’ve just started looking into integrating TTN applications in AWS. And after some back and forth I got the integration template working and am adding data to a DynamoDB database table. So far so good.

But from what I can see, a good workflow in TTN is to have one application per payload type (i.e. sensor type / product model). What then is a good way to integrate multiple applications to AWS? And will that create an integration and an Elastic Beanstalk environment for each application? If so, I’m very curious if integrating e.g. ten different applications will cause a massive AWS resource overhead rather than reusing existing AWS resources.

Any thoughts on this?

We are using Node-red for all integrations (node-red-contrib-ttn). This gives a lot of options to connect TTN to what-ever-you-like. The connection is done per application, so your structure in TTN reflects directly in Node-Red.

Are you running Node-RED in a vm in AWS then? And are you able to e.g. store data in a database in AWS from Node-RED?

you can run node-red on the cloud, but there are other options, as node-red can also be running behind a router or Firewall. For some time we have used an old Raspi in our private network to connect to TTN.

As you can connect via MQTT to TTN, there are plenty of options to run your integrations where ever you lilke.

see also: using mqtt with things network

@rainfall-ohj Did you manage to get this set up with the provided TTN integration? If so, perhaps you could share how, I am looking into the same thing atm.


No, we ended up using Azure IoT Hub. But my feeling was that the integration was mostly just to “get going”, and more work was needed to create a proper integration. We already use Azure for other services in my company. And the Azure IoT Central integration was more or less as functional as the AWS integration, hence not usable for our needs. So when needing to put in additional work to integrate to TTN, we went with Azure IoT Hub instead.

I see, thanks for you quick reply. I guess I’ll be looking into the Go code provided and the CFN template. Should be fairly easy to have additional Apps connected.