Issue about the Uplink and Downlink Data

Hello all,
From yesterday I am trying to get my uplink and downlink data on Data console window but the data is not shown on the data console window as my Gateway shows connected status.
Where my device window shows frame up and frame down values(counter frame value) but didin’t shows any data on data window.
Is anyone facing same problem ?
Can you please tell me why this is happened with me? is there any solution on it?

Do you have the data storage added in integrations?

Absolutely Not sir.

Same problem here. We have been running a Multitech GW for months, and yesterday we started to experiment problems. The joining lasts too long now and a lot of packets are lost (most of them). Have any idea?
PD :checked if packets were received in the Data Storage integration, but they aren’t there.

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try resetting the frame counters

Thank you for your reply… We already tried doing it.

Randomly resetting frame counters is NOT recommended when not resetting the device as well, and might/will break downlinks (including confirmed uplinks and ADR). For OTAA devices every new join will also reset the counters, so for those there’s even less reason to ever explicitly reset the counters in TTN Console.

Probably unrelated, but still: I had kind of the same issue, w/ another gateway though.

…until I found that the gateway had the wrong time—wrong by one hour (wrong time zone). By setting the time correctly I received downlink/ uplink from gateway, in console and via noc api (rx_ok, rx_in).