Issue communication with LMIC on LILYGO LORA 32 T3 V1.6.1

Hi all,
(sorry if my english is not super, i’m french)

I try having an reply of my board lyligo lora T3 V1.6.1 on TTN (live data) but nothing;

My environment : IDE Arduino 2.0 - Esp 32 + Europe (fr)
1- I use library < MCCI LoraWan lmic> with example : ttn_abp.ino
2- I change for europe in config_lmic
3- I have add the numbers TTN.
4 - On Upload - OK - no problem - Send TX (see out serial)
4 - On TTN, i create an application abp but i have not of reply in live datas ?
Frequency plan : Europe 863-870 MHz (SF9 for RX2 - recommended)
LoRaWAN version : LoRaWAN Specification 1.0.4
Regional Parameters version : RP002 Regional Parameters 1.0.3 - i not Not sure here

I too try in otaa but it’s same.
Thanks for help.

my out Serial :
54338216: EV_TXSTART
Packet queued
54468866: EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)

a part of my code :

static const PROGMEM u1_t NWKSKEY[16] = { 0x0E ,0x4B ,0x56 ,0x07 ,0xB4 ,0xB2 ,0xA2 ,0xC1 ,0xB3 ,0xC5 ,0x3D ,0x7C ,0x17 ,0x73 ,0x2F, 0x33 };

// LoRaWAN AppSKey, application session key
// This should also be in big-endian (aka msb).
static const u1_t PROGMEM APPSKEY[16] = { 0x53 ,0x18 ,0xFB, 0x10 ,0x8C ,0xF7 ,0xF0 ,0x60, 0x09 ,0xFC ,0x2F ,0x76 ,0x90 ,0x51 ,0x45 ,0x8B };

// LoRaWAN end-device address (DevAddr)
// See
// The library converts the address to network byte order as needed, so this should be in big-endian (aka msb) too.
static const u4_t DEVADDR = 0x260BD4D6 ; // <-- Change this address for every node!

// These callbacks are only used in over-the-air activation, so they are
// left empty here (we cannot leave them out completely unless
// DISABLE_JOIN is set in arduino-lmic/project_config/lmic_project_config.h,
// otherwise the linker will complain).

void os_getArtEui (u1_t* buf) { }
void os_getDevEui (u1_t* buf) { }
void os_getDevKey (u1_t* buf) { }

static uint8_t mydata[] = "Hello, world!";
static osjob_t sendjob;

// Schedule TX every this many seconds (might become longer due to duty
// cycle limitations).
const unsigned TX_INTERVAL = 60;

// Pin mapping
// Adapted for Feather M0 per p.10 of [feather]

const lmic_pinmap lmic_pins = {
    .nss = 18, 
    .rxtx = LMIC_UNUSED_PIN,
    .rst = 23,
    .dio = {/*dio0*/ 26, /*dio1*/ 33, /*dio2*/ 32} 

Why are you not using LMIC-node per


You will also be in breach of the Fair Use Policy if you leave the setting at 60 seconds.


I tested [LMIC-node]( but i have several erros in build project.
I passed several hours to debug. Fed up, So i decided of stop and return on Arduino IDE and see if an library similar exist : MCCI_LoRaWAN_LMIC_library
On Arduino IDE, it’s run but no reponse next to server.

With your library (LMCI node in vscode), i dont succed fix the next errors in out :

.pio/libdeps/ttgo_lora32_v21/MCCI LoRaWAN LMIC library/src/hal/hal.h:25:7: error: ‘u1_t’ does not name a type
Compiling .pio\build\ttgo_lora32_v21\lib35f\U8g2\U8x8lib.cpp.o
const u1_t LMIC_UNUSED_PIN = lmic_pinmap::UNUSED_PIN;
In file included from src/LMIC-node.h:81,
from src/LMIC-node.cpp:53:
src/boards/bsf_ttgo_lora32_v21.h:80:13: error: ‘LMIC_UNUSED_PIN’ was not declared in this scope>

thx helps

Have you read the Fair Use Policy regarding how often you can send to TTN?

yes i saw.

  • An average of 30 seconds uplink time on air, per 24 hours, per device.
  • At most 10 downlink messages per 24 hours, including the ACKs for confirmed uplinks

I should have a response of my first seend of data.
maybe i must create a gateway on TTN ?
I dont see the problem.

ty help

Your code sends every 60 seconds.

Are you saying you don’t have a gateway?

yes, i dont use Gateway, just create application oota/abp
I must ?

I tried, i created gateway on TTN but don’t run, it’s Disconnected
I dont know how run this functionality

ty help

It is very hard to build a DIY device without having a gateway to help with debugging as you can see what is actually transmitted.

If you own a gateway, what is the make & model and is it still registered - the online/offline status is very slow to update.


my board is Lilygo Model T3 V1.6.1
My gateway on TTN :

Ty help

:man_shrugging: ???

Sorry, i don’t understand what you asked ?
No- I dont my own gateway, i only a board lora and that’s all
Of my side, I don’t have to deal with the gateway?

What are the steps to make it work, I followed several tutorials without success ?
What is missing ?

Help ty

A gateway!

Your device transmits and has to be heard by a LoRaWAN gateway that is connected to the TTN servers.

See - and probably the rest of the Learn section for the core concepts.

I looked at the links.

Q1 ?
If you are in the TTN network coverage, is it automatically receiving data on the site ?
In case, no need to add gateway on TTN website ?

According to those I saw on the Lorawan cover map TTN ,In my region, I am not in the converting area of TTN

ty Help

How do you define ‘coverage’ - because it’s not like cellular coverage which uses many many towers and even then can still have gaps. Radio coverage is not simply about having something near by, there are many variables involved.

If you are in range - which is complicated - then you won’t need to have your own gateway.

Then you’ll need to get within about 100m of one or buy one.

Bonjour, je suis moi aussi Français (Tarn) et ce sera peut être plus simple pour dialoguer dans notre langue.
Je possède moi aussi une carte Lilygo Lora 32 T3 v1.6.1 et je souhaite l’utiliser comme passerelle TTN (gateway).
Est-ce que vous auriez la gentillesse de m’indiquer le github que vous avez utilisé pour flasher la carte avec Arduino IDE ? Je pourrai ainsi faire aussi des tests de mon côté.
Mon projet est de créer une liaison entre un rucher et ma maison sur environ 1,5 km (via Home Assistant) pour remonter des données de poids et de température de ruches.
J’ai moi aussi fait beaucoup de recherches pour implémenter cette carte Lilygo sur TTN et j’avoue que les ressources sont assez minces.
Bien cordialement. JM.

Not for the majority of TTN users, and those who may follow on later and find information useful! Especially as the TTN Forum is heavily indexed and linked by search engines such as Google so may find a global audience.

By consensus the TTN Forum primary language is English, please repose using English, though keeping a French version for those who may understand is acceptable. If English isnt practical for you then generally Google translate comes close enough for contributors to try and step in and respond and advise…

Par consensus, la langue principale du forum TTN est l’anglais, veuillez vous reposer en anglais, bien qu’il soit acceptable de conserver une version française pour ceux qui peuvent comprendre. Si l’anglais n’est pas pratique pour vous, Google Translate s’en rapproche généralement suffisamment pour que les contributeurs puissent essayer d’intervenir, répondre et conseiller…

You should / must look around the forum and use the search.

You are likely to find the answers you seek.

And you will also notice that there are NO posts in anything other than English, so no, not easier to “dialoguer dans Francais”.

Most importantly you need to clarify if you want to use the LoRa32 T3 as a LoRaWAN device because we do not support devices acting as gateways. If you are unclear on the difference then use the Learn link at the top of the page to read about the fundamentals. If you are thinking of using the T3 as a point to point link to Home Assistant then this is not a forum that can help as we only do LoRaWAN.

But i speak with à french friend …
Il dont use Google trad fort traduct ans my friend also …
Il stupid “consensus”.
The english man can use Google trad also.
Best regards.

TTN is an organisation based in Amsterdam with users around the world, which language would you use if you want input from the widest possible number of technical people. Almost all documentation for electronics is in English or Chinese …

You can use Google Translate - just like I do with my non-English speaking colleagues around the world.

On an open forum where again consensus is English. If you want to talk privately with a ‘friend’ in your own language the please use PM/DM, as then not open or indexed, though as Nick points out you are then restricting your audience and the pool of potential responders/advisers - your choice, there is some >8-9 years LW experience across literally 1000’s of Forum users that you can tap into, if you decide to follow the ‘stupid’ rules of the forum :slight_smile:

I did (as above QED <-Latin! :rofl: ), we did…