Issue communication with LMIC on LILYGO LORA 32 T3 V1.6.1

Indeed they could, but the vast majority won’t, so your posts in non-english will have a (very) limited audience.

What about the Dutch, German, Italian, Americans, and all the other countries of the world that use this forum, are you hoping that they will translate just for you.

This forum is English language only, by agreement with many different non-English speaking users.

Zero in fact, because they will be removed!

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Just to clarify, you come here looking for help but expect volunteers to spend time translating your words and then providing technical knowledge for free and then translating it back to your language?

No way. I am myself involved in quite a few solidarity projects. And when I can, I provide a little of my knowledge.
And I use Google Translate all day to converse in English language forums.
I was just very annoyed by your two rather authoritarian messages at the beginning when I was only addressing a French person who had herself expressed her difficulties with English. So I’m not an opportunist like you might think. I hope you understood. Best regards.

(traduit avec Google Traduction comme promis)

Perhaps we should move on to replying:

Do you need the code to make a Lily LoRa32 T3 work as a LoRaWAN device?

Forum search will reveal the details or LMIC-node or RadioLib. The first is well established but has no deep sleep, the second is in beta but does sleep.

oh yes I would like to know where the github is to try TTN on my lilygo T3. actually I wanted to use openmqttgateway but building the sensors is complex. So I would like to test TTN. it is to connect weight and temperature sensors of our hives installed 1km from my home with Home Assistant. THANKS.

You will need a LoRaWAN gateway for this to work.

LMIC-node and RadioLib are both on GitHub

Yes I know of course. But this is precisely the object of my research. How to make a DIY TTN gateway from the Lilygo T3 or other development board. This is also I think what the initiator of the post wanted to make you understand.

You dont. This is a node device not a GW!

Actually no, if you reread the posts OP wanted to use device as intended but only created application/device and did not have a GW and didnt realise needed a GW or be in range of one

As with OP suspect you need to look and and follow

And whilst we are discussing earlier posts

Not authoritarian! You have attracted the attention of two of the Forum moderators…whose task it is to keep the Forum running efficiently and within the rules! Including wrt use of language. Sorry if you dont like the messsage but thats how it is :wink:

However, as Nick says

And in that spirit I would point out that you also now have the attention of at least 2 people who have some prior experience working with Apiaries and/or bee hives - one working under contract for a developer of monitoring systems for bee hives for the the last couple of years and the other who engaged on his 1st hive monitoring system (using LoRa in the days before LoRaWAN) over 10 years ago, and who has since helped facilitate Bee husbandry/environmental research based on LW inc providing community GW and general advice to a Uni research centre looking at bee larval development and the potential impact of environment factors like polution on larval growth and hive health… so may be wise to follow at least some of the advice given :slight_smile: Good Luck! Oh, and welcome to the Forum!

Check for single channel packet forwarder (scpf) topics on the forum and move on to new research after you read them. Sorry to be blunt but a LoRaWAN gateway requires much more capable hardware that isn’t available in node targeted modules. The subject has been hashed out multiple times over the past 8 years.

However, a relatively cheap gateway can be constructed using a concentrator card and an ESP32. Information also on the forum.

…but given lack of experience and research to date perhaps start with a COTS GW to familiarise with use of LW using your node 1st before attempting to dive into this, as LoRaWAN can be a complex beast with many moving parts and there are some basics that you need to comprehend to begin with… Forum contributors can help you along the way if you ask specific questions and demonstrate that you have investigated the issue(s) at hand as you proceed.

I understand your linguistic rules and will not break them again. I will not hesitate to come back to you if necessary to advance my project. As for connected hives, if you have a link or a community doc to share, I will be delighted.

The searches are laborious and not very ergonomic. As if TTN was mainly trying to lose us in a maze.

WE are TTN - and the ‘stupid’ consensus you refer to above is between the people on this forum. It’s us, 99.99% volunteers. People like you. But even if it just a business, which it is as well, it provides a complete LoRaWAN Network Server for free in three locations around the world. Think on this please.

Jac suggested looking for “single channel packet forwarder”. The very first item in the search provides the main information.

Why not simplify your life and buy a gateway?

Because if I’m here, it’s precisely for the pleasure of carrying out small DIY projects on my scale around community projects. The truth is, I don’t REALLY need to weigh my hives. I don’t even care how much they weigh. For me, it’s just the pleasure of learning and understanding how to do things. Otherwise, I will buy my honey from a farmer in my village.
This is why I will not buy a gateway.

LoRaWAN requires a gateway. If there isn’t another one in RF range of your end devices you will need to buy or create one. Using fully LoRaWAN gateway capable hardware which means a concentrator card capable of receiving on multiple channels using multiple spreading factors (at the same time).

a great motivator for many of us! :clap: and one that has inspired many in the TTN community to experiment, using community GW’s where they can and in range or adding to the network and expanding the community where none immediately available. for the price of maybe a dozen jars of quality honey a whole world opens up :slight_smile: :honeybee:

I think the OP is wanting to build a gateway - which is why they where hoping for code to turn a T-Beam in to a “gateway”.