Joined device not showing any data traffic

Hello! I have Mikrotik wAP LoRa8 connected to TTN and is looks like its is connected and working. I see some unknown devices traffic. I made application and connected one water meter to this application. Acivated one Lora water meter for OTAA join and the led on the water meter showed connection and then join accept. Gateway traffic also shows Join Accept. I looked also what parameters are stored in water meter device memory and all the numbers match with numbers on TTN device overview: Activation Method (OTAA), Device EUI, Application EUI, App Key, Device Address, Network Session Key, App Session Key. All are the same on both (device itself and on TTN device overwiev). This water meter should send the values daily, so I wayted 24 hours because then it should show at least once. I see no traffic from my water meter. It is impossible see the traffic constantly online on traffic tab because it will shut down wery often and after page refresh the traffic is emty. On the device overwiev i green light and and connected 24 hours ago. Also Frames up and Frames down numbers are the same as after the join accept. Gateway is showing traffic on traffic tab but all devices are unknown for me. I also enabled application data storage integartion and there I also do not see any communication during last day. What settings I should change or where to add something?

To make sure the device is not creating uplinks that are not supported by TTN (such as requesting DeviceTimeReq), try to look at your gateway’s log. TTN Console does not provide any means to see historical gateway traffic, but maybe your gateway itself does?

At what spreading factor did the device join, and do you know if that had a good reception?


my gateway is showing last 100 historical values (it is about 5 hours at the moment) and my device there is not listed. Device is about 6 meters from my gateway, so the signal should be okay. Spreading factor 12.

I guess you understand it would be great if you could make it transmit more often, during testing. Or if you could make the gateway preserve more logging.

Also, I guess you understand that SF12 is not needed on such short distance; SF7 should be fine really. If the device starts joining at a much lower SF, and then lowers its data rate (increases its SF) when the join fails, then it’s a bad sign that it eventually needed the worst option possible, SF12. (And then either signal strength or timing might not be okay then.) But if it’s programmed to use SF12 then that does not explain your problem: if the device would be transmitting uplinks then surely the gateway will receive them. (Though TTN might still silently drop invalid uplinks.)

I tried to watch the gateway traffic, but it is to short time period to make decissions. I know that that type of water meters are working on TTN (different gateway model). One thing I see on the gateway traffic is several times: “lora-dl: [TTN-EU] Keepalive timed out”. Could it be that the gateway is not always connected and just happened to be not connected the meterduring radio active session? Should I make some changes in gateway to avoid “lora-dl: [TTN-EU] Keepalive timed out”?