Joining Adeunis RF Tester on TTN via OTAA


Yesterday I was able to hookup my Lora Field Tester device from Adeunis RF on the TTN network using OTAA.

After setting up the keys on both TTN and the device, I swa it initiating a join request, and a join accept followed shortly there-after, and I was able to send msgs to TTN. Great…

Today however, when I turn on the device, I see it constantly sending joinr request messages.

If I look at the traffic on my gateway, I seeing the Join Request messages from the device, and for every join request I also see a Join Accept message. However, these don’t seem to be arriving on the device, as it is constantly sending requests.

If I look on the device traffic in the TTN console I see Activation messages for each join request / join accept pair.

Sometimes it picks up the join accept message but only after a very long time (50+ join request messages).

Any idea what might be causing this and how to debug / fix this ?

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I noticed I get better results if I configure the Adeunis RF Tester to send using SF7 instead of the ADR (Adaptable Data Rate) setting that seems to default ot SF12 in my case.

Airtime for SF12 is 1000+ms … SF7 is usually < 100ms. Is it because it is taking to long for the join accept message to arrive at the test device ?

Sounds like the devices uses a RN2483 for LoRaWAN communications. The RN2483 failing to join on SF12 has been observed by several TTN users.

can you please tell me how i setup the keys in the device?

You can hookup the device over USB to your computer and use AT commands to configure verify different aspects of the device (payloads / formats / keys / abp / otaa / …)

More info here :

Hi, im with hercules in the command mode but how can i change nwk-key and appkey for ABP? Cant find it in pdf/

You need to set the keys in the S-Registers by using ATSxxx=yyy command. Look on page 49 of GB manual.
Remember that you need to unlock these registers before by using ATT63 ROOT command.
And don’t forget to write it to flash rom with AT&W before you reboot the device with AT&RST.

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Hi,Thanks for all help but this is to difficult for me.:disappointed_relieved:

Sorry, but then you won’t be able to use the Adeunis Field Test Device. You need to program it on your own with AT commands. But it is not difficult. Take some time and read the manual.

Hello community,

We can provide you all the help you need with our helpdesk plateform.
Feel free to contact us by this way.

Do not use the documentation on this topic but the one who are available on our website :

For the command ATT63 ROOT, this command is not secure and you can make unless your product if you do some mishandling. Follow the user guide with the command ATT63 PROVIDER for more secure action on the product.

Thanks for using Adeunis product.

? why …

Because it’s not the last one, so It’s always better to use the last documentation.

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But the Adeunis web site has no manual for the N. American version of the FTD (the ARF8124AA).

Here it is.arf8124aa-lorawan-ftd915-user-guide.pdf (1.5 MB)

Try to send AT command ATS220=3, this fixed our problem.


what problem… to who are you replying AFTER 11 months ??

To everyone who have problem with Adeunis FT with OTAA join procedure