Known issue: Gateways appear as offline

My gateway isn’t displayed on the map of TTN-mapper.
“Location”, “Status” and “Owner” are all public in the Gateway > Settings > Privacy tab.
There is no marker at all on the location of my gateway (EUI: eui-b827ebfffe52009e)

PS: I’m in India.

Please help!
Thank you.

Hi htdvisser,

There is an offline issue to occur when Router set to ttn-router-asia-se.
Gateways appear as online if Router set to ttn-router-us-west.
I am in Taiwan.

Can you provide any suggestions?


Neither my gateways or devices are shown in console, is there anything that can be made? My devices can’t join the network either.


I just resolve it for my gateways, I changed the router to EU and they show now in the console.

Dont know if is the best practice but resolve the issue, I am in Costa Rica - Central America.

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Has this been resolved? It appears this thread describes the same symptoms.