LoRaWAN duty cycle abuse

Quite right, but that waht I’m talking about isn’t just trivial jamming.

I’m thinking about getting ten units. Street lights are Class C nodes, with ten transmitters I most probably can legally block their RX2 :slight_smile: Oh, I even don’t need GWs, ten half-Watt modules are enough… :slight_smile:

Poteto potato :nerd_face:.

Neither LoRaWAN nor TTN fair-use policy has any teeth here. They are both advisory. But the regional regulations about ISM band use are controlled, either by duty cycle or AFA/LBT. If someone breaks those rules then it is illegal and they are open to prosecution.
Like CE marking, its a complaint-driven process. If you complain enough, the local regulator should take action.

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Start with googling for “lora preamble selectivity”, my dear electrical engineer and hobbyist. At the momement, LoRa seems to be double Dutch for you :slight_smile: Meditate, and you’ll reach you’ll reach enlightenment.