LoRaWan for device monitoring?

Hello there,

I recently discovered about LoRa and the networks for it, and I immidiatly thought of a use case. Monitoring my laptop from anywhere without Ethernet! So I can just have my laptop in my room, or in my car or something, and then check on CPU usage and battery level from anywhere on my Phone or an ESP32 with LoRa based wireless display. But then I read about the “Once per 7 minutes, max 12bytes” part, and was kidna disapointed. So is that rule like a rule I must adhere to, or is it recommended? It would be awesome if I could like update the CPU usage and Battery level every 15 seconds or so. Would that be possible?

Also, another use case would be monitoring my cat’s or dog’s location, which would also require the position to be sent every 15 seconds. Would that be possible?

And another idea, streaming audio anywhere? Just low quality radio would do, would that be possible?

And what about traffic information and time?


checking CPU usage on your phone ? why not a basic simple dedicated app installed on yr laptop
measuring a battery level remote is possible… however not ‘realtime’
streaming audio ? no… you should forget LoRaWAN.

in general… if you transmit data (very small amounts) there must be a gateway within range to receive and transport your data.

info about TTN https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/

that depends on the distance / size of payload

please use search and read