LoRaWan Multi End-Devices

Hello guys, I’m starting my studies with LoRa and LoRaWan, I’m looking to do a project for my chicken farm. In the shed you don’t have access to the internet, just at my house and that’s why I use LoRa. What I want is to receive data from several end-points on just one gateway that will be at my home with internet. However, I only find examples with point-to-point communication and not in this “star” model. Can you help me? Is it possible to make this idea? Thank you!
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As this forum is about LoRaWAN the solution is simple: Install a LoRaWAN gateway at your house and build some nodes that connect TTN.
You can use a dashboard like Cayenne and you’re done. Ok :sunglasses:


i want to build my own gateway

Is that picture what you want, or what you’ve found so far but does not meet your needs?

LoRaWAN was designed to have many devices use the same gateway(s). The only limitation might be the “downlink” that apparently needs to switch on/off some motor, in your picture. On the TTN Community network you can only have 10 of those per day (and in other LoRaWAN networks it’s also going to be very limited). And as it’s radio: it’s never guaranteed that data is received.

what’s in the image is what i want to do … but i still don’t know how to do it, so i’m asking here

A star model of nodes surrounding a gateway (or more precisely potentially overlapping stars given multiple overlapping gateway areas) is literally what this entire site is exclusively about - point to point communications are not on topic here, so it’s unclear why you are implying that is all you’ve been able to find information about.

Please spend some time reading what is already here and the linked documentation.

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