LT-33222-L LoRa I/O Controller - Payload decoder and downlink config

I’m also looking for a solution of upgrading the firmware of LT-33222-L mote as zone11 aforementioned.
But so far, there is only code for LSN50 and LoRa ST.
Does any one know an alternative code/ industrialised LoRa mote which can send data when inputs change?
We have tried with the Ursalink UC 1114, but there is not enough inputs (02) for our application requirement. I appreciate any suggestion.

Hello dear,
I am also working on a project trying to control LEDs with LoRA. Can I use the same code and which part do I need to modify?
I am a beginner with LoRA one.

This is a forum for The Things Network (TTN).

If you want to use LoRa devices to remote control LEDs, that does not sound like a typical TTN application.

Do you have more details of what you are trying to do ?

I am using LPS8 8-channel dragino gateway and Dragino shield+Arduino Uno as my LoRa node. It worths mentioning, that I want to control solenoid valve using the relay which are connected to the LoRa node. I already configured the gateway with The Things Network and LoRa node. But now I want to control the solenoid valves using relay through things network downlink. I tried several times but no result.
I would be glad if anyone who can help me out.

Tried what? Have you read the pretty reasonable Dragino docs plus the TTS docs on downlinks.

But before you do, have you searched the forum on why LoRaWAN sucks at remote control and the Fair Use Policy on downlinks?

I have studied the Dragino user manual and watched several videos. However, non of them worked out. I tried with a number of downlink encoders based on following some tutorials and sent the message through downlink but it can not control the relay.

To save the volunteers on here digging out all the downlink decoders they know of which you may have already tried, it will help with responses if you told us what they are.

When you say “it can not control the relay” - are there error messages or anything? What do you see in the serial console for the controller?