MAC commands on TTN Server

Hello guys,

I am currently working on a project, I have a TTN gateway, and part of my project (written part) is to compare 2 Lora servers but what I have been asked to compare is if the servers support MAC commands and I am not sure about this because I havent found information online, but does TTN server support MAC commands? and how do you make them? sorry if this falls in a very newbie question.

Of course TTN supports MAC commands. Not all of them (yet), but surely the most important ones. And there’s a lot to be found online:

For an example on how to decode the MAC commands in the FOpts field, see TTN Node - link check does not work?


Sorry sir, the fifth most important network URL has failed.

What’s more, other relevant posts on the forum are rarely visible for the network server to actively send MAC commands.