Metadata about the gateway

Just signed up to the Things Network and am looking at a bird tracking project. Be interested as to where you have got to as I’ve just seen this thread!

What sort of weight do you envisage for the tracker ?

Do you need accurate locations for the bird, within 10m say, or will an indication that its maybe a few km from an indicarted gateway be OK ?

When you get started, can you tell me the average air speed of an unladen swallow?

30mph as a rough estimate.

African or European?

And how fast would it be with a GNSS + LoRa + battery attached?

I have seen information on how fast the swallow might be carrying a very small coconut.

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But not an African one, they don’t migrate!

Just an update on the GasCap Asset Tracker. I finally decided to have some of these made for sale at Tindie to replace the Cricket Asset Trackers since I am running low on the latter.

The GasCap Asset Tracker will be functionally equivelent to the Crickets (no battery charger though) but in the 16 x 62 mm form factor with integrated AA-battery (3.6 V 2400 mAH LiSOCl2) holder. .

Unlike the Cricket and Gnat, these are open source so you can download the Altium design from the OSHPark shared space here. Could be a good start for someone to customize for their own applications.

I’ll update again when these become available, probably in early January.

Just FYI, the GasCap Asset Tracker is now for sale at Tindie.