Monitoring a RAK7258 gateway

Heya Everyone,

Just saw this thread was more than 12 months old and I never responded to my original post with my solution.

In the end I used the TTN API to query the status of my gateway.,tenantID=ttn,id=xxxxxxxxxxx

I poll the API every hour or so via my home monitoring system (PRTG free version - custom REST sensor)
The response includes:
“online”:true - I check this isn’t false. Raise an alert if it is.
“rxRate”:xxxx.xxxxx - I check this isn’t below 5 for more than 2 checks.
I also ICMP ping my gateway on my internal network. (every 60 seconds or so)

This has been running for more than 6 months and has been perfectly accurate.
It even picks up antenna issues (I get no traffic)

Bonus… I get a cool looking graph which gives me a rough indication of activity.

Thanks for the help everyone. Hope this helps others.
Crossing fingers I am not putting too much load on the TTN network via API. I figure once every hour or so is fine.