MQTT Test Data

I am a beginner, I do not have any equipment yet.
In my environment, unfortunately, no gateway is available.
Of course, before I invest a lot of money I would like to test if I could integrate mqtt data into my home automation system.
Is it possible to subscribe to a test topic via mqtt mosquitto (subscribe) on a trial basis.

as far as I know there’s no test MQTT channel

create an application in the TTN console, add a (virtual) device to that application, and simulate uplink.

In my opinion, is it useful to make some devices and applications for testing publicly available?

Setting up a dummy application and device and then simulating uplinks works well for testing MQTT.

That would be the way to do it

Remember the username is your AppID and the password is the App Key.

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Thanks a lot, I will try it.

I‘d say it depends what kind of test you have in mind. For coupling to TTN it‘s the best strategy to do it the way the others have described already. But since TTN (MQTT) telegram format is free, you may want to test your specific telegram contents against your home automation by setting up your own message generator/simulator. This could be a shell or Python script or Node-RED as a MQTT publisher, using your own MQTT broker instead of the TTN one. Have a look at Mosquitto for this.

I suggest CloudMQTT, and they offer a ‘free’ plan. you can publish your test data & subscribe to a topic you create…
Cloud MQTT Pricing

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