New TTIG-868 gateway: no connection


My first gateway.
I’ve configured a brand new TTIG-868 following the latest guidelines. Claiming the gateway.
The green led flashes fast. Tried rebooting after one hour: same thing. Shut down for the night, booted in the morning: same problem.
I can ping the gateway from my pc.
I’ve emailed the distributor, no answer yet.
EUI: 58A0CBFFFE803352
Serial Number: TBMH100868009268

What can I do to get this working?
thank you

How fast - what do the docs say about the speed of blinking?

GREEN Blinking (freq 1/4 sec)
GW Connected to WiFi
establishing connection to LNS/configuring radio

Good thinking of you.
I now started the gateway in another building, so no wifi connection and the blinking is 0.5sec.
So perhaps the manual is not 100% correct , or blinking speed is not the same as in the manual.
But as I can ping the TTIG from my laptop on the same network (when at home) the wifi connection needs to be ok…or…?

Or your network doesn’t have access to the ports that are needed to connect to the LNS.

Can you try on something that’s not likely to have any corporate firewalls etc

I’ll try when I’m back home.
In the doc are some ports mentioned, but they don’t mention the direction.
I guess its from LAN to WAN (LNS) ? in to out.

tested at home: led is still fast blinking 1/4s. Big difference than when the “no wifi” blinking pattern.
Firewall is not blocking outgoing traffic.
The 5 min setup is now 1.5 days.
Too bad one cann’t connect to the TTIG and do some testing, or can you?

If you don’t mind voiding your warranty there is a serial debug port on the inside.

Just to be sure, you did CLAIM your TTIG, not register it.

I provisioned one on TTS last week, took 5 minutes - just cycle the power once it’s been claimed.

Yes I dit claim it.
Followed the latest guide.

Your router may not be, but your ISP may. If you can tether to your smartphone or a MiFi, that’s our next step.

I’v tested the following ports from a laptop connected to the same wifi as the gateway. All are responding.
So not blocked by firewall or ISP.
TCP: -p 443
TCP: -p 9191
TCP: -p -p 7007
UDP -p 53 (DNS server used)

Still 1/4s green led flashing and status disconnected in TTS/CE
Anything else I can try?

Maybe typo in Gateway EUI? I see C8 but mostly it’s CB…

Hi, thank you for helping.
I think the screenshot is unclear. This is the EUI I’ve entered in TTS/CE:
I used CB, or did I make a mistake somewhere else?

Hi, that’s OK…
I didn’t see any other errors. I also had problems the first time, but that was because I had registered the TTIG. After I deleted the gateway and then only claimed, the gateway was connected.

changed wifi config and connected to another wifi network (also different ISP).
Same problem: rapid flashing green led (1/4s)

Your configuration seems correct. Can you try to do a reset? Basically hold the reset button for 5 seconds and setup WiFi again?

Hi, I face a similar pb with one of my TTIG (EUI 58A0CBFFFE8019CF). It worked for a couple of weeks on TTN V3. On last Friday, it appeared as “disconnected” on the TTN V3 console and stopped relaying messages from my sensors. I checked the LED : it blinks green rapidly (every 1/4s). Once, I also saw it blinking alternatively green and red. If I unplug and replug it, after a reboot, the led blinks green rapidly (every 1/4s).

Today, I plugged another TTIG in the same room (EUI 58A0CBFFFE8021F1) and this one connects correctly to the TTN V3 console (fixed green led).

same problem

Yours did connect and worked first, mine never worked.

Same problem here. It use to work at the beginning but not any more. Green LED fast blinking.
I found the same issue posted on the web, TTIG purchased through the Antratrek as mine.
Any solution for solving the problem?