Newbee - nothing seems to be received by ttn gateway


please forgive me a potentially superfluous new bee question.


local system: running lora_pkt_fwd cloned from

*** Beacon Packet Forwarder for Lora Gateway ***
Version: 4.0.1
*** Lora concentrator HAL library version info ***
Version: 5.0.1;


    "gateway_conf": {
        "server_address": "",
        "serv_port_up": 1700,
        "serv_port_down": 1700,
        "gateway_ID": "b827ebe5e5aa08e7"

transmitted data

02 7F 23 00 B8 27 EB E5  E5 AA 08 E7 7B 22 72 78  |  ..#..'......{"rx 
70 6B 22 3A 5B 7B 22 74  6D 73 74 22 3A 33 38 35  |  pk":[{"tmst":385 
32 38 36 38 37 35 2C 22  63 68 61 6E 22 3A 32 2C  |  286875,"chan":2, 
22 72 66 63 68 22 3A 31  2C 22 66 72 65 71 22 3A  |  "rfch":1,"freq": 
38 36 38 2E 35 30 30 30  30 30 2C 22 73 74 61 74  |  868.500000,"stat 
22 3A 31 2C 22 6D 6F 64  75 22 3A 22 4C 4F 52 41  |  ":1,"modu":"LORA 
22 2C 22 64 61 74 72 22  3A 22 53 46 37 42 57 31  |  ","datr":"SF7BW1 
32 35 22 2C 22 63 6F 64  72 22 3A 22 34 2F 35 22  |  25","codr":"4/5" 
2C 22 6C 73 6E 72 22 3A  38 2E 32 2C 22 72 73 73  |  ,"lsnr":8.2,"rss 
69 22 3A 2D 31 35 2C 22  73 69 7A 65 22 3A 33 33  |  i":-15,"size":33 
2C 22 64 61 74 61 22 3A  22 41 75 58 6C 41 4E 78  |  ,"data":"AuXlANx 
4B 50 68 66 6C 35 51 32  53 65 79 4A 7A 64 47 46  |  KPhfl5Q2SeyJzdGF 
30 49 6A 70 37 49 6D 4E  75 64 43 49 36 4D 6A 41  |  0Ijp7ImNudCI6MjA 
79 4D 6E 31 39 22 7D 5D  7D                       |  yMn19"}]} 

i can see in the firewall logs that my local system and are talking to each other.

gateway (configured as legacy packet forwarder with [eui-b827ebe5e5aa08e7) overview:

status = connected
last seen seconds are incremented / wrapped

but the gateway does not show any data:

Received Messages = Transmitted Message = 0

what could i have missed?

thanks in advance for your assistance, g.

Do you have a known good device of your own to provide traffic?

The only thing that the message counters will show will be for traffic for TTN - so if the uplink you picked out isn’t for TTN it will have been discarded. I won’t pick out the hex dump, but it’s very hard to read the actual info, so no need to include it going forward.

Far more detail on the gateway, devices, version numbers of everything etc will help.

what do you mean:

i thought the uplink was ? did i miss a parameter?

An uplink is a message from an end-device or node.

The gateway listens for uplinks and passes them on to the network server.

You have told us that you have setup the gateway and that the web console confirms that it is communicating the with the TTN servers.

You provided some information from an uplink but that uplink may not be for a device registered on TTN, so it won’t add to your statistics.

Do you have your own end-device???

yes, i have my own (heltec for first tests) end-device. how should i register it to ttn and how should it identify itself to ttn?

What ever node device you are using an RSSI of -15 is very high suggesting you have the node ontop of or extremely close to the GW, in which case likley overloading system and causing errors that will mean the packet forwarder drops any received messages without forwarding - move node atleast 5-10 m away , and preferably on other side of an absorber such as a wall or window…you may see more success. What is nodes, which GW? (looking at M=ID derived from MAC (?) is that a Pi based device? Also if MAC derived it doesnt follwo what we normally see with MAC padded with FFFE (sometime FFFF) for middle order bytes, though what you have (e5) ‘should’ work, is ID set by vendor?

So you setup a gateway?

Did you setup a device at the same time?

Or is the Heltec the only device you have?

You will need to read the documentation on registering a device and the Heltech docs for the device.

It’s going to be hard to help you if we don’t get the information we need to help you:

What is this gateway hardware? What exact Heltech device? What version(s)?

indeed, the devices were very close to each other - no the sending device is behind 2 walls - rssi = -55 now but still nothing is received.

it’s a primitive heltec device and i crafted the mac by myself - hende e5e5.

Messages crossed and I see you have heltec device - powered on, even if not yet configured/registered to TTN? (It may have some existing/stock f/w that is Txing perhaps attempting to joing another network or just working under ABP. Without a device registered (yours or another TTN user) and decent seperation you wont see any activity counted

update, ok see you now at -55dbm - much more reasonable… now you have the other issues addressed by Nick…

If you want us to help, you are going to have to provide so much more detail.

I’m not aware of a Heltec device called “primitive” - what is the model number.

What do you mean you crafted the mac by yourself? Have you written an entire LoRaWAN MAC for the Heltec??

Doh, another one to add to the big list of ways of snookering yourself - turn on device that’s not been provisioned - get packets in log - don’t see them on console.

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so it’s heltec’s mac which isn’t accepted - right.

gateway hw is ims990a-spi with a raspberry running raspbian denian10.

i had regitered a device with device id = DC4A3E17E5E50D92. is this not enough. where in the data stream should i place th mac of this device?

There is a bit of a language barrier going on here:

“crafted my own mac” would say that you wrote the code.

If you mean you need to configure the Heltec software, then yes, you need to register the device online, some setting you take from the device, some you take from the web page and make sure they match on both sides.

The Heltec is a known OK device, so there’s nothing about the software.

So now I need to know if you are using the v2 or v3 console and if you are using ABP or OTAA?

this is how i ‘crafted’ the Mac:


  LoRa.write(0xdc); // 4
  LoRa.write(0xe5); // 9


i’m using v2 console.

i’m unsure what you mean by abp and otaa.

I think this was in the context of the MAC based Gateway ID - now confirmed as RPi based :slight_smile:

Have you registered the device in an application on the console?

You HAVE to read the Heltec documentation about configuring the device so that TTN knows about it - it will NOT work as expected until you do so.

You may find this information useful:

Read all of:
The devices section of:
The gateways section of:
The network section of:
The applications and API sections of:

In which case you have a LOT of reading to do… I have to dash but suspect Nick will send you a bundle of links wrt TTN docs and LoRaWAN Basics to go read :wink:

update… Ah done :slight_smile:

It would appear not from the unformatted post above.

I can send a link to the Heltec doc, but only if you tell me what the model is.

And I too have domestic duties, so it will be later on, but only if you tell me what model of Heltec it is

Are you using LoRaWAN? TTN does not do LoRa.