No internet connection after changing my network to load balancing

Hi there,

I have run my gateway since some years I think. Always with a fritzbox 7490 without problems.
For some reason I now changed by internet connection to be load ablanced - so the 7490 still is there and a 6591 was added - behind these two boxes I have a TL-ER5120 load balancer.
Everything else works fine here, but my things gateways status led says that it has no internet connection or is trying to connect since some days. Restarting the gateway has no effect.

So because I am not quite sure what the gateway does - I can only guess that the load balancing might be the problem? Maybe I have to nail the things gateway to on of my fritzboxes instead of beeing load balanced to both?

Any help is appreciated.

You could attach an UART interface to see what it’s doing, and then even run some network commands from the gateway itself. (Note, however, that the TTN load balancers do not respond to pings.)

Unless you want to get into sniffing the details of the protocol, that is indeed probably the pragmatic choice.