Node RAK811+Arduino

(Timaru Dc) #22

Yeah that’s right - that’s really the premise of why I wanted a lower baud rate and why I was using the hardware serial to get there. Note I’m using purely the hardware serial above :slight_smile:


this baby has an extra hw serial (I use it also to run the TTN lib) and its 3v3 so no levelshifters

(CovraWorkS) #24

I have same problem… no comunication between Leonardo or Mega 2560 and RAK811 via serial1

I have checked jumpers, Q’s, and all its fine… 3v3 signal get into RAK811 by UARTrx pin (oscilloscope used), but UARTTx pin doesnt respond…
If I send AT comands via USB-PC the board works fine

I tried to change bps (even 110000 ??), but nothing…

Any idea?serial1_rak811

(CovraWorkS) #25


The level sifhter built in RAK811 board cant work at preset RAK811 baudrate (115200) so:


Now arduino (Leonardo, Mega…) can talk with board (serial1.begin(9600))

(Jithin Isaac) #26

I’ve successfully connected the RAK811 with a USB-UART converter and managed to run all the AT commands comfortably…

Had to do this -> at+uart=9600,8,0,0,0 at 115200 to make the RAK811 talk with the computer.

Now, I am trying to make the RAK811 talk to the Arduino Uno… Using SoftwareSerial to do the same. Have run all the AT commands except the last one (at+send), which is throwing up an unforseen error…

(Jithin Isaac) #27

Hey all.

I managed to run the RAK811 with the Arduino finally, including the at+send command…


Had to change the payload to something specific like above, don’t know why… It did not work with a shorter length payload (eg. ) 0102. If any one has an answer, kindly reply…

So that takes care of the RAK811 board… Both USB-UART & Arduino interfacing done. :slight_smile: