Node seems binded to a single gateway

I noticed I can receive only data from my own gateway. After a join success on a another gateway I cannot see any data received on my TTN. There is public network mode I enabled/disabled on my node but still cant see any data once I join a third party gateway (that I assume to be public as my node can join). Anyone had the same issue?

Gateways are effectively irrelevant in a LoRaWAN network such as TTN - all interaction is between the node and the network server, with the gateway(s) sitting transparently in between. A node doesn’t even have any way to know which gateway it is interacting with.

You should be set to use the public LoRaWAN preamble however, in both the node and the gateway. If that is wrong packets may still sometimes “leak” through but not reliably.

Thanks for your reply. Would you know if it is possible to have a success join command on a ‘non-public’ gateway that would explain why I cant receive any data? Only explanation I see is that I join a gateway not able to forward anything as set private.

A node does not connect to a specific gateway. A node transmits and every gateway that receives the frame forwards it to the network server. It is the network servers job to discard received duplicate packets. If only your own gateway sees the packets from your node and you “know” there are other TTN gateways IN LINE OF SIGHT then most likely there is something wrong with the aerial of the node.

I understood the issue. Locally in Hong Kong we have an operator that operates LORA gateways. My node was also registered at their private network (they run their own back end) so same DevEUI, same AppEUI, but different JoinEUI and still my node was joining successfully. Afterward I could not get the data as the HTTP post is registered only at the TTN.

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